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Generally, people cannot kick off their sneakers and run correctly in minimal shoes or barefoot. Running is a skill. Most kids have good running form until they start wearing modern athletic shoes (which tend to be motion controlled, high heeled, well cushioned and tight). Growing up and running in these shoes usually results in high impact heel striking. Research shows this puts more negative forces on the lower leg/foot than forefoot striking associated with barefoot running.

I coach clients how to run in a comfortable, metabolically efficient natural barefoot gait (in minimal shoes and/or barefoot). Through a series of skilled-based exercises, you will learn how to run with negligible impact forces. Using research and techniques developed by anthropological and evolutionary observations in barefoot societies I can show you how to mitigate most running injuries.

Some benefits of natural barefoot running:

  • Strengthens your foot’s arch

  • Helps elongate one’s calf musculature and loosen the ankle complex

  • Improves your foot’s dexterity

  • Improves your lower leg and foot’s proprioception

  • Most people improve running times and distances

  • It burns more calories and likely increases your metabolic rate



I can supercharge your employees with high energy, entertaining presentations that contain pertinent health and wellness information with lots of practical content. Keep your staff healthy and absenteeism down with wellness workshops that target their lives at home and in the workplace. I have presented lectures for several large and small companies including American Express, J.P. Morgan, Reebok and the Sports Club Company.

  • Fun Office Fitness

  • Easy Weight Loss

  • Injury Prevention: Prehabilitation

  • Goal Setting For Life -Achieving Flow

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Flexibility: Stretch It Out

  • Benefits of Being Barefoot

  • Barefoot Training and Exercise

  • Stand up Straight – Posture Correction

  • Training the Trainers – Intro classes for Personal Trainers

  • Stressed Out? Tools to Deal


I have worked with groups as small as 3 and as many as 10,000. If your company is interested please contact me to discuss your needs and budget.

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