Brain-Hacking Your Motivation to Workout

t-rex exerciseI have been working out for over 25 years but some days I just don’t feel like dragging myself to the gym. To combat this malaise I cultivate a frame of mind driven by joy rather than self imposed pressure. Finding ways to enjoy the gym and making it habitual is paramount. The pleasures of living a healthy lifestyle far out weight the fleeting sugar highs we are all so accustomed to. I do not have the power to motivate you. Only you can do it. Here are some mind hacks to help you with the process:

1. Take one small step toward better fitness everyday of the year (join a gym, workout, go for a walk, run, do some pushups, sit ups, read a nutrition book). By years end you will have 365 fitness endeavors under your belt.

2. Walking slowly is still faster than sitting on the couch.

3. If you had a one million dollar race horse would you let him stay up late and feed him junk food and beer? Why treat your billion dollar body worse?

4. Most progress is made during your rest days when your muscles are recovering and getting stronger.

5. Junk food doesn’t taste as good as a healthy body feels.

6. The best exercise program is the one you enjoy.  Make it fun, it won’t seem like work and you’ll stay consistent.

7. You can’t run from your problems but they’ll be easier to deal with when you have a fit foundation.

8. Three minutes of jump roping or jumping jacks is better than nothing.  Start small, build slowly and don’t get upset if you can only do a few minutes. It’ll get easier.

9. Change the narrative in your head by asking yourself, “how do I find a way to love exercise?”

10. No pain, no gain is BS. Exercise does not have to be painful. Consistently nudge your comfort zone and you’ll see lots of injury free gains!

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