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Balance Training or Circus Tricks

in home training nycBalance is one of those essential skills that enhances all of our movements.  It may sound a bit New Age-y but it is true: the ability to balance is within us all. You just need to find it. Like most things, if you don’t use this skill, you will lose it. As we age we tend to move less, more slowly and limit our range of motion, thus inadequately taxing our balance systems. Why is this a big deal? We evolved to use our balance systems every day in multiple ways; jumping, climbing, running, hiding, playing…. Our modern sedentary lifestyle has reduced these movements, opening us up for imbalance injuries. Lack of good balance can ultimately lead to a premature death. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries for Americans over the age of 65. Frequently, an older person will lose their balance, fall and break a hip. Hip fracture in a senior citizen is akin to a death sentence. The complications that follow lead to long-term care, lack of independence and early mortality. There are many things one can do to prevent or lessen the likelihood of a fall-related injury.  Balance exercises and training are perhaps the most important components for prevention but many take it to an extreme. Grandma does not need to stand on a physio ball (neither do you) unless she is preparing for the circus. Almost any type of movement training can have added ‘balance value’ if done properly. Effective balance training should look nothing like acrobatic stunts.
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