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Improve Your Body by Repairing Foot Function

painful foot jokeYour feet are probably dysfunctional. A life-long addiction to shoes and chairs has trounced your tootsies and likely set off a chain of negative events on the rest of your body, from faulty movement patterns to migraines. 

In 2005, after the book “Born to Run” became a best seller, barefoot running and minimalist shoes rose in popularity. Unfortunately so did injury rates. Physical therapists and podiatrists were overjoyed with their spike in business. The main problem is most of us are clueless when it comes to regaining the foot and ankle function of our youth. Look at how a 4-year-old picks up a ball: flat back, knees bent, butt to the ground and lifting with the legs. Watch them running in the park: forefoot striking, upright posture, forward feet etc.  Most toddlers and little kids have perfect posture and fantastic biomechanics until…we strap them into sneakers and chairs. Multiply a whole bunch of years in tight fitting shoes with a sedentary lifestyle (sitting for more than 6 hours per day) and you’ve got a mess on your feet. Continue reading

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The Most Important Toe

in-home trainer nycOur big toe, sometimes referred to as the great toe, the first MTP (metatarsophalangeal joint) or simply the hallux, plays a critical role in dynamic balance and forward motion during a gait cycle (AKA running). It is arguably the most important toe for normal arch functioning, particularly when it comes to propulsion and shock absorption. Without your big toe, running would be nearly impossible. In addition to bearing the majority of contact pressure (60-65%) during movement, this tough little joint is unique in many ways: Continue reading

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Sensitive Soles Perform Better

personal training nycFactoid: Activating the small nerve endings on the plantar aspect (bottom) of the foot prior to exercise or sporting endeavor will not only make you faster and stronger but will also increase the intensity with which your core muscles react. Wake up your soles and perform better!

Do you want to move optimally, increase strength and decrease your injury potential? Start with your foundation: turn on your feet and optimize your soles. In order for the foot and consequently lower extremities (including the core musculature) to work properly, our brains need to ‘feel’ the ground. This is why the soles of our feet are jam packed with nerve endings and touch receptors (mechanorecptors). They create a sensory feedback loop between the brain and foot, driven by an estimated 200,000 nerve endings on each sole. Being barefoot stimulates the brain and wakes up innate sensations. According to Nigg and colleagues these plantar aspect nerve endings are crucial for: Continue reading

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Barefooting Prep

best trainer nyc Do you ever feel an urge to kick off your shoes and run barefoot like you used to when you were a carefree child?  If you’ve been wearing shoes all your life, odds are your feet are in terrible shape and not ready to go au naturel. Long term shoe wearing is linked to an impressive list of ailments, most of which are not present in barefoot communities. According to The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, the vast majority of foot pathology is directly caused by shoe wearing and has little to do with hereditary factors, arch height or size. Wearing shoes has altered the shape of our feet and is closely associated with these unfortunate conditions: Continue reading

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