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Pull-up Perfection

chin-up weightedThe pull-up is one of the best foundation exercises in the world of resistance training.  Arguably there is no better exercise to properly engage and recruit the muscles of the posterior chain and upper arms than the pull-up.  It is a skill based movement pattern that permits your body to express its physiology by testing the limits of upper body strength, shoulder range of motion and the ability to stabilize the core and trunk. Continue reading

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If You Could Only Do 3 Exercises….

Personal Trainer NYCImagine rubbing a lamp from which emerges a malevolent genie who proceeds to cast this curse over you: “Henceforth you shall only be allowed to do three exercises for the rest of your life, so choose wisely” (bare with me and my little thought experiment). I’ve pondered this question a lot more than I’d like to admit. Over my 20 years as a personal trainer in NYC, coach, and teacher, my philosophy and recommendations have evolved, but my answer to this question has remained same.

Since this is my game, here are the rules: You can add weight, resistance, and variability to these exercises so long as the foundations remain intact. Cardio is separate and does not count. The three winners are: Continue reading

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