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Liquid Candy: Sports Drinks, Juice and Smoothies Deconstructed

soda ad for babies

Don’t fool yourself into believing your daily detoxing juice or pre-workout smoothie is anything more than liquid candy with a few extra vitamins. Most of these beverages are packed with tons of calories and sugar minus the all important fiber. As a healthy adult, the only thing you should drink is water, seltzer, unsweetened tea, coffee and the occasional glass of wine. An argument can be made for full-fat milk and/or maybe unsweetened milk alternatives like almond, coconut, and hemp milk – but in moderation. Everything else is chock full of empty calories and sugar or it’s straight up unhealthy. Sadly we have migrated away from eating whole foods in their natural state. We are the fast food nation.  Are we just too lazy to chew or is it something else because eating whole foods is the healthiest way to pack in nutrients and sate your appetite? Take a moment to deconstruct the beverages in your life so you can make better-informed decisions regarding your health. Continue reading

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