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Does Snacking Make You Fat?

funny snack quote For years I’ve been telling weight loss clients they need to eat every three to four hours to increase their metabolic rate and lose weight. “Eat six small meals a day. It’ll stoke your metabolism and help you burn more calories while resting” said my younger, more naive self. It turns out I was wrong. The truth is, the more times you sit down to eat the more opportunities you have to stuff yourself silly or eat the wrong thing. In fact, all that snacking may actually increase your fat stores. That’s right, snacking may make you fat. If you’re anything like me, eating also wakes up the rapacious monster in your stomach. Some people have the willpower to remain within their limits, do you? Eating five to six small meals per day is still the predominant dogma among many physical trainers and nutritionists even though the supporting peer reviewed research is spurious at best. Eating frequency has little or no effect on increased metabolism.  Even though constant snacking is heavily encouraged in American society, it wasn’t always that way. My grandmother used to yell at me (lovingly) to not snack because “you’ll ruin your dinner!” Of course, she was right. The concept of ‘snack food’ was popularized in the 1950’s. By the 1970’s it really took hold and is now a multi-billion dollar industry which is arguably making us fatter and sicker. Continue reading

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The Hungry Games: Controlling Hunger

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The thing about hunger is most of us aren’t hungry because we need food.  We have trained our bodies, with the help of Monsanto to Mcdonalds, to crave and desire food. As Americans we have fast, cheap and out of control access to every kind of food imaginable.  Willpower to just say ‘no’ is not enough. Understanding hunger and doing some self experimentation is the key to controlling it. Continue reading

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