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Bulletproof Coffee: Don’t Believe the Hype

Bulletproof Coffee Hype

Have you contemplated jumping on the butter coffee bandwagon? The original Bulletproof Coffee™ is a delicious concoction whipped up by biohacker and all around master marketer Dave Asprey. Actually, he co-opted the idea from the traditional Tibetan yak butter tea. Bulletproof Coffee™ has been a trend for several years now, gaining fast traction all over U.S. and beyond. In fact, Asprey has licensed his brand and is busy selling his own blend of coffee while also hawking a personal line of supplements, including something called ‘Fat Water’ and a $7000 ‘NeuroOptimal Personal Trainer’. He will tell you his supplements and coffee are much better quality than what you can buy elsewhere. So what exactly is Bulletproof Coffee™? According to his alternative health website, Bulletproof.com, it is specialized coffee made precisely in the manner outlined below: Continue reading

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