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Top 10 Exercise Fallacies

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The fitness industry is brimming with tons of rules and guidelines that are contradictory and/or downright wrong. And there are many more ideas that are not wrong or right – they live in the gray area. The fact of the matter is there are many more complicated non-definitive guidelines than absolutes about fitness. We have the desire to oversimplify complex ideas and adhere to easy to understand dogma. Here is a list of my favorite exercise myths and fallacies: Continue reading

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Want to Lose Fat? Do Less Cardio & Lift Weights

best trainer nyc First, let me say individual sustained body-fat loss (which is different than weight loss) is a complicated topic which is not completely understood by science. Rather than delve into the overwhelming multitude of variables, I will keep the scope of this article focused on a simple question: is resistance training better than steady state cardio for fat loss? Maybe. This is the truest answer you’ll ever get. If you have to choose, I believe weight training is a more efficient way for most people to lose body fat than steady state cardio. Side Note: The fat loss evidence is much stronger for high-intensity interval training than steady state cardio.

In my opinion, the best weight loss strategy is a blend of high-intensity interval cardio and progressive weight training. Continue reading

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