When you work with Joachim’s Training you get a plethora of additional services. As an experienced master personal trainer in NYC I have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses and been certified in many areas to provide these add-ons:

anatomy print

In-Home persoNal traiNiNg

You want the best for your body and I don’t blame you. As a private training client, you will have the advantage of one-to-one fitness coaching and unique program design with one of NYC’s best personal trainers. Depending on your goals your workouts will be fun, never boring and always result oriented. Personal training is highly recommended for anyone preparing for an event, athletic competition, recovering from an injury, and for individuals who want safe, fast fitness results.

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pre-natal post natal fitness nyc

pre/postNatal fitNess

Over the years I have trained lots of pre and postnatal clients. In 1998 I got certified by the Sports Club Company in Pregnancy/Post Natal fitness. As you might imagine the guidelines have changed since then. In order to keep current, I subscribe to ACOG’s (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) pregnancy newsletter. Furthermore, I can happily claim that every postnatal woman that worked with me, lost all of her baby weight and then some after giving birth!

heart rate visual

cardio heart rate coach

There are many ways to improve your cardiovascular health. I believe most people are going about it all wrong. I teach methods based on the latest peer-reviewed research concerning cardio fitness and/or cardio weight loss. The maximum heart rate formula 220-your age is just plain wrong. Yet every day I see gym posters, treadmills and other personal trainers proclaiming it’s efficacy. I will teach you how to train smarter not harder and bring your training into the 21st century.

weight loss fat david

diet & weight loss specialist

Losing weight is a lot more complex than eating less and moving more. We now know all calories are not created equally. Science has also shown us that some movements and exercises are far superior to others for weight loss. The top factors to consider when attempting to lose weight are: Genetics, Hormones, Diet, Lifestyle/exercise, Stress, and Sleep. I have helped many people lose weight and keep it off by integrating a holistic and scientifically valid program into their lives.

workout couples nyc

persoNal traiNiNg pairs

It has been my experience that some couples and friends enjoy working out together. Sometimes the extra motivation one needs come from a buddy. In fact, occasionally there is a little friendly competition resulting in a harder workout. For couple workouts, I charge only $20 above my flat personal training rates. The duo training sessions is a great way to workout and have even more fun in the process.

teen fitness nyc workouts

teeN fitNess and weight loss

Condemningly there are less and less resources devoted to teen physical fitness. Not to mention the epidemic of obese kids and teens in the U.S. Obviously there is a confluence of reasons for this but the fact remains the same; overweight teens are much more susceptible to a whole host of diseases as they age. While working with kids I try to instill the love of movement and exercise in their lives. I attempt to find out what they like and incorporate fitness into their lifestyle and make it enjoyable.

golf workout specialist nyc

golf performance enhaNcemeNt

A highly specialized flexibility and resistance training program for serious golfers. I will analyze your swing, gross motor patterns, compensations and much more. Through a detailed evaluation process, this system will take your game to the next level.