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The 11 Best Fitness Websites You Don’t Know About

There are tons of fitness websites and many of them recycle the same information over and over again (my blog is even guilty of this sometimes). Not only is this tedious and prosaic, its not useful. Here’s a list of 11 fitness oriented websites that have piles of terrific information you can use to promote your own health and wellness. The list is in no particular order:

1. – A wonderful independent website devoted to the testing of vitamins, prescription meds and other nutritional products for label accuracy, efficacy, safety and purity. They have tested over 3400 products thus far including 450 brands for adults, children and pets! Originally, I went to this site to find out about which fish oil brands had dioxins or PCBs. The list is exhaustive and well done. The site does charge a yearly fee of $33.

2. – A free science news website that covers the latest research and discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences. Stories are integrated with links to journals and academic studies, related research and topics, encyclopedia articles, and videos, to provide a wealth of relevant information on almost every science topic imaginable.

3. – The Center for Science in the Public Interest is a consumer advocate group (lobbyists) for the health of the American public. They fight for better government policies and corporate practices that promote healthy diets, prevent deceptive marketing practices, and ensure that science is used to promote the public welfare. Lots of excellent information on their website.

4. – A huge clearinghouse of peer reviewed research papers on virtually any topic you can imagine. Need to find a abstract about heart disease and cholesterol levels; or what exercise activates the most gluteal fibers; or check the source material from a major media headline and see if the author got it right? Go to google scholar.

5. – A great exercise and diet informational website and forum albeit a little irreverent. It is geared toward the hardcore weight lifter and bodybuilder but it also has lots of great information for the average trainee. It is defiantly male centric but does cover lots of female training topics.

6. – One of my favorite science based athlete nutrition web site founded by Dr. John Berardi. You can join the site for $97 per year or read the blog for free.

7. – One of the original bio-hackers. Dave Asprey has undergone lots of self experimentation to find out how to lose weight, gain IQ points and increase his energy by manipulating his biology. I don’t agree with some of his stuff but he is obviously quite smart and has a passion for self improvement. He does a lot of informative interviews on his podcast and a wealth of information.

8. – Dr. Dan Lieberman’s Harvard website dedicated to provide an evidence-based resource for those interested in the biomechanics of different foot strikes in endurance running and the applications to human endurance running prior to the modern running shoe (barefoot running). He was profiled in the book “Born to Run” by Chris McDougal.

9. – Online community for people who want to discover and/or register for and participate in fitness activities: races, team sports and recreational activities; interact with others who have similar interests; start online training programs; and access science-based nutrition, fitness and training articles.

10. – a health and fitness training website that takes a innovative approach to performance. Interesting articles and crazy exercises that inspire playfulness and primal movement patterns.

11.– An online guide and video warehouse to help athletes and gym goers exercise better, prevent injury, overcome compensations and improve performance. Currently there are over 550 exercise and rehab videos on the site. Tons of free information but the site does charge a monthly fee.

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