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6 Health Foods that Are Not Healthy

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

  1. Juices & SmoothiesMost juices are full of sugar but lack protein and (more importantly) are completely devoid of fiber.  Even if you mix your juices in a high powered blender the shearing action of the blades completely destroys the insoluble fiber of the fruit. The sugar will be absorbed at a rapid rate and increase your insulin response.  Furthermore, our bodies are not quite capable of digesting bushels of kale and a couple of apples and a banana all at once. Science shows that blending or juicing fruits and veggies will rob them of their most precious nutrients, their fiber and may potentially spike your glucose levels, leaving you more hungry and insulin resistant.

  2. AgaveThe dirty little secret behind this honey substitute is that it is highly processed, commonly adulterated with lower quality agents and is made primarily of fructose.  Unlike glucose which is metabolized in every cell of the body, fructose is mostly processed in the liver.  This is bad because it potentiates fat storing.  Furthermore, excessive fructose intake may cause leptin & insulin resistance, leading to type II diabetes, heart disease, and hunger.

  3. Multi-grain & Wheat Breads If it is not 100% whole wheat (non-enriched) it is not healthy bread. Dubious bread companies realize they can trick the uninformed consumer by placing the words “wheat” or “multi-grain” on the label.  In reality, they are merely adding a dash of wheat to a long list of ingredients.  Look for bread with 4 ingredients max: 100% whole wheat, salt, yeast, water.  Better yet, skip the bread altogether!

  4. Energy & Protein BarsToo often protein bars are artificial bricks of sugar, soy, and other fillers.  Read the label! Most of them end up being not much more than a candy bar with a sprinkling of protein. Those made of whole foods (like nuts and seeds) with less than 10 grams of sugar per bar may be a good option in a pinch. A handful of nuts and a low sugar fruit is a much better option.

  5. Fat-Free Labeled FoodBesides whole fruits and vegetables most anything else marketed as ‘fat-free’ is usually brimming with sugar & salt.  When you take fat out of a recipe you need to add something else in order to make it tasty.  Not only do fat-free products usually contain excessive amounts of sugar but they routinely include a host of chemicals to re-create the mouth feel and texture of the missing fat. Studies have shown individuals who consume full-fat products are significantly less likely to become obese!

  6. Soy MilkThis popular milk alternative is typically loaded with added sugar and flavorings.  Soybeans are one of the most chemically treated crops in the world.  Soy has also been shown to be an estrogen and endocrine disruptor potentially causing infertility and increased risk of breast cancer.  Contrary to what you may have heard, Asians do not consume large amounts of soy. They use small amounts as a condiment (about two teaspoons daily) but not as a primary protein source. Moreover, the type of soy they consume is traditionally fermented soy (miso, tempeh, and natto). Drink organic unsweetened almond or coconut milk instead.

There are many other so called health foods that are not so healthy including: store bought granola, organic sodas, raw sugar, diet candy, energy drinks, many fake meat products, most cereals, trail mix with dried fruit and/or candy, frozen yogurt, foods labeled ‘diet’, and frozen lean dinners.  Be a smart consumer and vote with your wallet.  Buy organic. Buy mostly whole foods and minimally processed items.  Cultivate a love for cooking. 

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